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Septic Services

Repair/Trouble Shooting


As a leader in the industry, we are knowledgeable and trustworthy. We work with our clients to provide solutions and options to best meet their septic needs.



We provide honest, economical, and long-term solutions in the ever evolving septic industry. 



Maintaining your septic system is one of the most important things to do as a responsible septic system owner and we are here to answer all your questions. 

Septic Inspection


For county required annual and time-of-sale inspections, our On-site System Maintainer (OSM) will inspect your system and submit the required documents to the Department of Health. 



King County recommends systems are inspected/monitored by a licensed OSM to ensure proper working order and to keep our environment safe and clean.


Call today and schedule a pump out for you and a neighbor and you’ll both receive 5-10% off pump-out service or 50% off an annual inspection! 


*Inspection must take place at the time of pump out. Percentage off is based on tank size. Call for more details.

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